Potential Power Outage Due to Severe Weather Forecast 10/09/2019 05:00PM PDT - 10/10/2019 05:00PM PDT

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Maintenance details

Dear Cyara Users,

Today PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric company) has issued a warning that impacts the West Coast of California: From 5PM October 9 to 5PM October 10 PDT, due to strong off-shore winds and low humidity forecast, PG&E is warning residents and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area about a potential power outage to prevent wildfires.
The Cyara datacenter in Sunnyvale, CA, is located in the affected area.The Cyara datacenter has complete power redundancy and should not be impacted by any power outages. Cyara’s carriers have also confirmed that they will not be impacted by any power outages during this period. However, some of our carriers' downstream carriers may still be impacted by power outages, which may result in intermittent connection issues and other unexpected error results in Cyara reports.
Cyara engineers are working to put in place all possible mitigations to avoid any impact to Cyara Cloud Services.

Cyara Customer Response